The time has come that we can finally unveil the latest addition to the Artype Robot Family, Junko! 

The images in this blog show Junko Everest 99% finalised. She is a prototype and is going to be 30% bigger than any other Junko design! 

So why Everest? 

This robot was inspired by incredible female climber, Junko Tabei who was the first woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest in 1975, overcoming not only physical odds but social ones too. 
She was also the first woman to ascend all seven summits, reaching the highest point in every continent! 
Tabei sadly passed away in 2016 but her spirit, story and philanthropy lives on! 
For more information on this marvellous lady please take a look at the link included - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junko_Tabei

The Junko Everest celebrates her infamous climb of Mount Everest and in the future we will be making some smaller designs, each personalised to represent all seven summits!
Eventually there will be: 
- Junko Everest
- Junko Vinson
- Junko Puncak Jaya
- Junko Killamanjaro
- Junko Aconcagua
- Junko Denali
- Junko Elbrus

Each will be limited edition, with added personalised features upon arrival!