Earlier this year I made a custom "Claptrap" model that proved to be rather popular and was very quickly snatched up!
This inspired me to take my second voyage on the good ship HIPS and make a custom collectable Yoshi figure from the popular "Super Mario" franchise. 
The idea for this was inspired by the work of Jason Freeny, who customises many figures from popular culture with cut out sections revealing biological and anatomical insides. Since my area of enthusiasm is more geared towards robotics (pun intentional), I decided to try a similar idea with cut out sections that reveal my own interpretations of the kind of robotics that would be needed to make that character do their thing! 

I've added some progress photos of the project so far and should this one prove popular, I have a couple more figures that may go under the knife in the future. 
Yoshi will be a one of a kind custom collectable, which when finished, will have his own props and habitat for display. 

I shall be adding another blog when he is completed to show his journey from vinyl to robot!