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Robin Smith

Self taught designer from Nottingham, UK! 
Specialising in creative woodwork and design with over 15 years experience. 

Artype started in 2008 and has since been providing it's customers with unique, handcrafted and innovative products across a realm of genres. This includes photographic work since 2004. 
His creative ventures began in his late teens, where he began woodworking as a channel for energies whilst coping with the onset of his disabilities. To this day it remains a positive outcome of a difficult string of life events. 


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Sahala Smith


General attempted factotum and master of disguises! 

Assisting with admin, pencil pushing, inspiration and providing the physical support that allows Robin to continue creating. 


This map shows where my work has travelled to so far, hopefully in time there will be handmade designs and robots from Artype design worldwide! 

visited 25 states (11.1%)

visited 35 states (70%)




Oleg 6 web.jpg

Junko - The new robot in town! 

We are pleased to finally reveal the latest addition to the Artype Robot Family, Junko! 
This prototype is one of a kind and will soon be available in our shop.